Friday, 20 July 2012

Lush Emotional Brilliance Launch

Lush's long-awaited makeup range launches tomorrow, and I have just got home from a little preview event that the King's Road shop held tonight. I had a lovely time- the staff were friendly and helpful, and of course we got to try the new range!

The whole range is quite unique- the bottles reminded me of an old apothecary, and you can't even tell what kind of product is in the bottle until you read the label/ take the lid off to find the wand (although you could hazard a guess from the colours!).

There's a good range of colours available, as you can see- the brand haven't gone for things that are on trend, instead the whole idea is that you find makeup that suits your current emotions. Each one is labelled with a different word to match what you might be feeling, and Lush actually have called the products 'word up' rather than 'makeup'.

We were told to close our eyes, completely clear our minds, and picture no colours at all- just a blank, white canvas. Then, as the wheel (shown above) was being spun, we had to open our eyes and choose the first three colours that popped out at us.

I chose three lip colours (luckily, as I usually focus on strong lips!)- a gorgeous red, vibrant orange, and a shocking pink. The first colour represents what mood you're in at that time- this was the red, which was called 'Decisive'. The second colour represents what your subconscious is telling you to focus on- for me that was the orange, 'Ambition'. The third represents what you are all the time, and I chose the pink, which was 'Passionate'!

The dry ice definitely won me over

The three colours I chose: Decisive, Ambition, Passionate

It might sound strange, but the three colours I chose, and what they were supposed to represent actually did kind of match up! Even though I know it's only supposed to be a bit of fun, I was quite excited at that! These colours had a really nice texture too- the only thing I would say was when I tried them on, the orange (Ambition) seemed to have a bit of a weird taste- probably just me, but something to look out for.

Passionate, Decisive, Ambition

Passionate, Ambition, Decisive

Out of the three, my favourite was the pink Passionate- it looked absolutely amazing on, and was really strong in colour. I was encouraged to try them all on my eyes as well (you can use all of the colours all over the face), but I completely chickened out!

The bottles cost £14.50 each and will be available tomorrow- I think I'll be in store picking up the Passionate!


  1. Ohhhh, they all look gorgeous! Thank you for sharing :)

    Just found your blog through the BBU Blog hop, now following! Hope you can take a look at my blog too?

    Laura xx

  2. This is so cool, I really like your blog!Definitely following now! Stay in touch and check out my new blog xx

  3. Regardless of if I buy anything, I just love wandering around in LUSH stores. It smells gorgeous. Must get a bit much if you actually worked there, though, lol.
    One girl's attempt at creating 365 make-up looks in as many days

  4. I bought two of these last week and I was so impressed about howwww long they last on the lips! Very happy with them. X

  5. omg awesome colors :)
    I love this post!!

  6. I hope the fact that this post was so long ago doesn't mean you've given up on your blog! I've just nominated you for the liebster award, pop over to my blog to read about it :)

  7. Lush is amazing! I found you through the BBU Blog Hop and decided to follow. Great blog! Check mine out?

  8. Why did you stop blogging? Love ur post :)