Saturday, 14 July 2012

Saran Wrap/ Clingfilm Nails

I've just read an excellent post on 'Saran Wrap Nails' by Leanne at (, and she made it look so easy, that I decided to try it for myself...

Step 1: Choose two colours- one as your base coat, one as your top coat. (I chose Missguided's Misstify as  my base, and Rimmel's Double Decker Red as my top)
Step 2: Get some clingfilm and scrunch it up into little balls.
Step 3: Paint your nails with the base coat, and leave to dry completely. (Apparently you should leave it overnight if possible, but I'm an impatient girl, and 30 mins was all I gave it...)
Step 4: Paint each nail with one layer of the top coat, and use the clingfilm balls to gently press on the nail while still wet. This will remove random patches of the top coat, letting the bottom colour show through.
Step 5: Paint the nails with a clear top coat. (I'm really bad and don't usually bother with base/top coats, but I felt in this case, my nails needed it).

The result was this:

(Without Flash)

(With Flash)

Not perfect, but pretty happy with it considering it was my first go!

Oh and don't worry if it looks messy to start with- before I cleaned it up a bit, this is what it looked like:

(The palm of my other hand was totally covered in red nail varnish too...)



  1. Awesome! So glad you tried it and loved it :)

  2. lovely colour! xx